A good scan is absolutely key in making a great print. That’s why our focus is on making the best scans possible for fine art printing. We give your images individualized attention so we can make the best scanning decisions for each unique photograph, and we do it with extremely competitive pricing that gives you the most value for your money.

At Light & Ink Imaging, we specialize in providing High Resolutions Scans for photographers and other artists. We have intensely tested our hardware, software, and ICC profiles so that we can consistently achieve scans of the highest possible quality, including utilizing proprietary processes for unique photographic mediums such as Polaroid, and other instant films. This allows photographers and other artists the opportunity to digitize work that has previous been cost prohibitive or virtually overlooked at traditional scanning labs. Our innovative proprietary Polaroid scanning technique eliminates the Newton ring issue that plagues traditional scanning techniques, while retaining the signature Polaroid image frame (if desired). Our dry film scanning technique (which covers any format, negative or transparency, up to 8×10) protects your negatives from the possible risks of scratches and degradation associated with wet mounting, while bringing out all of the detail your film has to offer.

Light & Ink Imaging High Resolution Scan of a Polaroid 600

Dodgy Mountain Painting, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Light & Ink Imaging High Resolution Scan of an 8×10 Transparency

2 Blank Billboards, Port Huron, Michigan

Close up detail of inch markings that were invisible when examining the original transparency with a loupe

2 Blank Billboards, Detail

Light & Ink Imaging High Resolution Scan of a Fuji  Instax Wide


File Sizes Film, Prints, or Polaroid
Up to 50MB $15
50MB – 100MB $20
100MB – 200MB $25
200MB – 300MB $35
300MB – 400MB $40
400MB – 500MB $50
500MB – 600MB $60
600MB – 700MB $70
700MB – 800MB $80
800MB – 900MB $80
900MB – 1GB $90
Above 1GB $100