While creating a Custom Reproduction File is a standard part of our Exhibition Quality Printing services, they are also available separate as a stand-alone product. By creating a Custom Reproduction File from the digital capture or scan, it provides you with a file that is perfect for all of your needs including: Precise Reproduction Prints, digital submissions, books, magazines, websites, or home printing.

Custom Reproduction Files are needed because images can always be improved by carefully adjusting the color, contrast, density, and saturation, thus helping the image to truly communicate your creative vision. At Light & Ink Imaging, we can create Custom Files for all of your needs, freeing you from the burden of Photoshop, and giving you complete access to our vast experience and expertise.

We will take your digital capture or scan and correct it globally for color, contrast, density, and saturation…as well as making local changes like dodging and burning, as necessary. With your feedback, we can fine-tune your Custom Reproduction files to match your exact creative vision, ensuring that your image looks it’s best every time it is reproduced.

The final product of a Custom Reproduction File is a layered Photoshop document that can be used for any of your needs, including prints, book and magazine reproductions, stock photo fulfillment, web files, and any other use imaginable. We then provide you with your finished files on DVD. A Custom Reproduction File is the first step in making the best possible quality fine art print. We can use your corrected file to make a Precise Reproduction Print, or you can print it at home on your own printer.

Light & Ink Imaging Custom Reproduction File

Original Uncorrected Scan


Custom Reproduction Files are priced based on file size. Scanned images typically require considerably more time spent making corrections produce a print ready file than digital captures, so Custom Reproduction Files created from High Resolution Scans start at slightly higher price points. Every photographer knows that dust showing up on an image can be a problem with both scans and digital captures. Even in a clean environment it’s impossible to scan any image without a certain amount of dust being present, and digital cameras image sensors are prone to collecting dust too. Unwanted spots are unfortunately an inevitable a part of life in this dust filled world. That’s why at Light & Ink Imaging we offer Dust Retouching as a standard option when creating Custom Reproduction Files.

From Digital Captures

File Sizes RAW, TIFF, or JPEG With Dust Retouching
Up to 65MB $30 $40
65MB-500MB $40 $50
Above 500MB $55 $65

From High Resolution Scans

File Sizes Film, Prints, or Polaroid With Dust Retouching
Up to 65MB $40 $60
65MB-500MB $55 $80
Above 500MB $75 $90