At Light & Ink Imaging, we maintain a strict color workflow to ensure that all of our clients consistently receive the best possible results for each and every one of their images. In order to achieve such a high degree of accuracy with regards to color, we have created custom ICC profiles with top of the line profiling equipment for our monitors, our scanners, and every single paper we use with our printers. At Light & Ink Imaging, we offer a Custom ICC Profiling service for photographers and other artists who edit files and make prints using their own equipment.

Why are Custom ICC Profiles necessary?

In order for a photographer or other artist to be able to repeatedly create high-quality files or prints using their own equipment, they too need custom ICC profiles for their monitors, printers, and scanners.

Profiling your monitor is the first step. Attempting to adjust an image for color, contrast, saturation, and density on an uncorrected monitor is virtually pointless. An uncorrected monitor won’t accurately display what a print is actually going to look like, whether it’s being sent out to a lab or being printed at home. But, with a regularly and accurately profiled monitor, you will receive the best possible results if you are sending your files out to be printed with us, or any other professional lab that maintains a strict color workflow. If you are planning on printing your files on your own printer, monitor profiling is just the first step.

To consistently produce accurate prints using your own printer, it is essential to have a Custom ICC Profile for each different paper you use. This will allow the images displayed on your color corrected monitor to accurately reflect how the final print will look. This allows you to adjust your images for color, contrast, saturation, and density, and know that yourprints will look extremely similar to what you see on the screen.